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Our monitoring features include CPU and GPU stress tests, as well as real-time monitoring of CPU and GPU performance metrics such as temperature, max temperature, load, and frequency.

In addition, we provide information on the size and free space of your Windows C:\ partition, as well as the size, frequency, and name of your RAM modules.

Aurelius multitool home page CPU GPU HDD RAM monitoring tools
Aurelius Multitool Troubleshooting Page - Windows Tools
Troubleshooting Icon Graphic

Our troubleshooting tools provide quick and easy access to some of the most commonly used Windows tools, such as Task Manager, Device Manager, and Control Panel. We also offer shortcuts to network adapters, printers, and GodMode.

Additionally, we provide external shortcuts to options like the User Home Folder, Firewall, Sound Settings, System Panel, Power options, and Control Panel.

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Windows Style

Our software offers a range of styling options for Windows 10 and 11. This includes a system-wide dark mode, an old-school Windows audio mixer, an old-school Windows photo viewer, and the ability to turn USB Autorun on or off. We also provide options for keyboard layouts and languages, as well as a shutdown after idle programmer and Aurelius’ highest performance power mode.

Our context menu options include the ability to kill all not responding tasks, create new .bat files, and access safe mode options. We also provide the ability to copy as path, access system protection options, and add or remove any program from the context menu.

For Windows 11 users, we offer options to bypass TPM and CPU checks for Windows update, disable or enable dynamic search box and snap layout, and remove Bing suggestions in start. We also provide a Windows 10 context menu, the ability to adjust file explorer spacings between items, and options to adjust the taskbar size.

Package Manager Icon Graphic
Package Manager

Our program comes equipped with the Chocolatey package manager, allowing for easy installation and management of multiple programs.

We also offer an integrated Chocolatey GUI and multiple installers with options to install multiple programs with just one click.

Multimedia Icon Graphic

Our multimedia options include a YouTube video and audio downloader, an images to PDF converter, and live radio stations covering a range of genres such as oldies, mix, GTA, 70s, 80s, pop, and rock and more in the future.

We also offer a YouTube playlist creator with options to export locally and import playlists, as well as a YouTube player for videos and audio. Additionally, you could also find weather information by clicking Open Weather button that takes you to WeaWow webpage which is one of the best weather providers.

Aurelius Multitool Crypto Page - Crypto Prices
Crypto Icon Graphic

Stay up-to-date on the latest cryptocurrency prices with our crypto feature.

Networking Icon Graphic

Our networking options provide a list of network adapters and their information, as well as the ability to configure static address options such as IP, subnet, and default gateway.

We also offer Google DNS, Cloudflare DNS, and a custom DNS box. Additionally, we provide the option to reset network adapters to default.

Aurelius Multitool Networking Page - Network adapters, Static IP configuration, External IP, DNS settings
Gaming Icon Graphic

Gamers will love our gaming options, which include the ability to turn XBOX Game Bar on or off, Win 10 Game Mode on or off, and sticky keys on or off.

We also offer a library of integrated games to play, with the ability to close games using the ESC key and gaming resolution that depends on the user’s monitor.

Macro Icon Graphic

Our macro feature includes a recorder, export and import options, and playback options such as speed, loop, and repeat X times.

We also offer a keyboard mapper with F1 to F12 shortcut maker and the ability to use it as a text macro or keyboard shortcut macro.

Aurelius Macro Page - Create macros and map keyboard shortcuts or words to f1-f12
Miscellaneous Icon Graphic

In Miscellaneous section Aurelius MultiTool also provides users with information about their motherboard manufacturer, name, and BIOS version. The program allows users to change their screen resolution and refresh rate as well as identify multiple connected displays.

For users who need to record their screen or toggle the Fast Startup Windows power option, Aurelius MultiTool provides that options as well. Additionally, the program offers an integrated audio mixer in the system tray for easy access to volume controls.

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In addition to all of these features, Aurelius Multitool also includes a variety of options for customizing and fine-tuning your Windows experience.
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